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Employee Top Picks in Store Now!

Employee Top Picks in Store Now!

Hello! My name is Bella and I am an employee at Bella Grace Paper! I am so thrilled to share with all of you my absolute favorite gifts that we have in store for this years Christmas! From beauty and bath products to scented slimes and more, Bella Grace Paper is your one-stop-shop for all of your gift and wrapping needs this year! 

With plenty to choose from, one of my complete and utter favorites is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty! This putty is safe, nontoxic and NEVER dries out! It’s also used in times of stress, relief, mindfulness, and simply just for fun! Not to mention, the perfect gender-neutral gift for both boys and girls! Next in line on my favorites list we have the Finchberry products! Each soap is made with natural, food grade ingredients, a unique appearance, and a lush lather. Not only are these soaps the perfect gift for all ages, but these soaps are also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemicals. Finchberry soaps are not just a cleanser, but also a sensible activity that leaves you feeling fresh every time. These soaps are not only a want, but a need!


Another one of our high quality gifts would have to be anything we have in store that is produced by the brand Fashion Angels. These superlative products are popular and very easy-to-use items. From bath bomb kits, to a confetti tumbler kit, we have it all at Bella Grace Paper! The fun doesn’t stop there! Consequently, we have an amazing Magnetic Tabletop Easel from Melissa and Doug! This product is the perfect item for imagination and endless creativity! This gift comes with a dry-erase marker and a felt eraser, five different colored chalk sticks, a 50 foot-long paper roll and so much more! The perfect present for children three years and up!


To wrap it all up, my last and certainly not least is the Modarri Cars! These super cool cars put a fun and creative twist to toy cars! Modarri “Design and Drive” building toys have LEGO-like qualities and play. These unique toy cars use a modular mix-and-match building system that allows any of the eleven pieces to be changed with plenty of different components. There are literally BILLIONS of possible car designs for an amazing playing experience! Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, you’ll enjoy playing with Modarri! It is fun to design cars, no matter what age you are!


So, I hope that these options are helpful and have caught your eye! We have all of these In-Store, as well as online! Not only do we sell gifts, but we can wrap them as well! If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products mentioned, please click on the link below and fill out our customer support information!

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